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Here are the scores from the U18 band competition

Band Judges Score Ticket Score Total Score 1 Tech 12 124 395 519 2 Doomsday December 135 250 385 3 The Bare Feat 147 200 347 4 The Others 133 210 343 5 Pangia 150 165 315 6 Saving Daylight 127 185 312 7 Age of Rock 111 200 311 8...
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ZEALE + The Mauve Avenger added to lineup!

It’s official. We are so stoked to announce the additions of ZEALE and The Mauve Avenger to the TKAA 2011 lineup. ZEALE’s latest album, DISASTRKRFT, could be called the perfect blend of hip hop, rock, electronic and mix music while...
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Krum Bums who promise to reveal the songs from their upcoming record ONLY at TKAAA!! (they say this record will blow your mind because the sound is changing in a very cool way!) and Schmillion (who we hear will play SXSW this year, have joined the...
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MoTel Aviv will play TkAA

That’s right lords and ladies, MoTel Aviv has signed on to play at 10:00 p.m.  Be prepared to rattle your jewelry!

The Kids Are Alright – Photo 158

FEB 26TH 2011 1 PM – 2 AM @ The Mohawk, Austin
$10 – ALL AGES

Featuring the Riverboat Gamblers, KRUM BUMS, The Frontier Brothers, MoTel Aviv, ZEALE, Driver F, Schmillion,  White Leaf, Sleep Talk, The Shears, Mauve Avenger, Hunter Sharpe, Residual Kid and more... Plus Skate and Gaming Contests with $3,000...
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