Featuring the Riverboat Gamblers, KRUM BUMSThe Frontier Brothers, MoTel Aviv, ZEALE, Driver FSchmillion,  White LeafSleep Talk, The Shears, Mauve Avenger, Hunter Sharpe, Residual Kid and more... Plus Skate and Gaming Contests with $3,000 in cash and prizes to be awarded to those with the cojones to battle and claim them. See the SKATE and INTERACTIVE pages for details. Oh yeah, and for you “all night party people”... We are rockin it till 2 AM.

TKAA is an ALL AGES FEST. We create conduits for young musicians, gamers, and extreme athletes into their respective businesses. TKAA began as a U21 Fest, and now we are growing up with the bands we launched. This year we will be raising money for kids with Autism, benefiting the Horse Boy Foundation.

Come ROCK with us and help us do it!